Bad HUD deals to cost city $2 million in grant money

SUN has long demonstrated against the city’s use of HUD Section 108 loans to fund economic development projects. In 1992, we held a public protest about the Center Armory project. In 1999, we forced the Common Council to hold a finance committee hearing on the purchase of the Addis/Dey’s building. In March, we were instrumental in more hearings on $2.5 million in failed loans for a toe-cap factory off Erie Boulevard.

The collateral for the HUD Section 108 loans is the city’s annual Community Development Block Grant budget. $4.2 million that could have gone to help families repair their homes has been wasted on bad economic development deals. This year, we will lose an additional $2 million.

The city is very sanctimonious when they claim they want to run the city like a business. In a business, when you borrow money, you have to pay it back. Why isn’t the city discussing the way to replace the $6.2 million they have borrowed from poor families over the last decade? Instead, the city administration is talking about making new loans under this program.


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