SUN Pushes Mayor for More Housing Assistance–No Commitments…Yet!

At a public meeting held on December 10th, members of SUN pushed the mayor to commit himself to helping the low income neighborhoods of the south and near-west sides rebuild their crumbling housing and reduce the number of abandoned houses. Our commonsense solutions were met with stalling and vague statements of sympathy.

Hey Matt: we don’t care if you feel our pain, we want you to do something about it!

$150,000 in CDBG funds to start a mortgage default counseling program. A similar program saves 89% of its clients homes in Rochester.

$2 million in CDBG funds for home repair. The current program has over 100 people on the waiting list and repair costs have increased 30% due to new federal lead regulations.

Take $10 million from the Syracuse Neighborhood Initiative and fund repairs to abandoned buildings in our neighborhoods. Our south and near-west side neighborhoods make up 15% of the city’s households, but have nearly half of all the abandoned houses.

Hey Matt: we’re not giving up.


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