Common Council Drags HUD 108 Loans Out Of The Back Room

Syracuse United Neighbors held a press conference on the steps of City Hall in 1992 warning that the use of HUD Section 108 loans could jeopardize the city’s Community Development Block Grant budget.

12 years and $6.2 million dollars of lost CDBG funds later, the Common Council has finally listened to SUN and its repeated calls to end the secrecy behind the use of these risky economic development loans. Council legislation now mandates that all future loans are subject to approval by two-thirds of the Common Council.

SUN would like to thank Councilor Stephanie Miner for her hard work on this issue. Councilor Miner listened to the concerns of SUN’s members, helped get legislation written and bucked the resistance she got from those in a position to profit from keeping everything the same.

SUN members met with eight Common Councilors to ask them to support this legislation. We are pleased to see that this bill passed unanimously.


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