Mayor Announces New Foreclosure Intervention Program

There are many reasons why there are so many vacant houses on the south and near-west sides of Syracuse. One reason is an explosion in the number of bank foreclosures. A SUN study of records filed in the County Clerk’s office showed 308 families losing their homes since November of 2001–that’s one family every three days.

At a press conference held at SUN’s office, Mayor Driscoll, SUN and Home Headquarters officials announced that the Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention program is open for business.

SUN has been campaigning for over two years to bring a comprehensive foreclosure prevention program to Syracuse. In Rochester, a program that offers budget counseling and loan renegotiation helps save the homes of 89% of its client families.

Mayor Matt Driscoll committed to funding a similar program for Syracuse in his February 2004 State of the City address. $200,000 of Community Development funds will finance the program over the next two years.

SUN will not receive any funding, but will assist Home Headquarters in promoting the program, making referrals and serving on its advisory board.

IF YOU ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING YOUR HOME–CALL ANGELICA AT 474-1939 extension 246. Call as soon as you know you may miss a mortgage payment. The key to saving your home is to ACT NOW!


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