SUN Protest Draws Powerful Support

SUN’s Flag Day protest of President Bush’s proposed cuts to the budget of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is already having results.

In today’s Post-Standard, the lead editorial states that “Section 8 housing subsidies are a success story for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.”

The editorial goes on to say that SUN, the Greater Syracuse Tenants Network and ADAPT “were correct to criticize the president’s priorities.”

What is most heartening was the quote from U.S. Representative Jim Walsh, our Congressman and the head of the committee that decides HUD’s budget. For the first time, he has gone on record as opposing Bush’s cuts: “It wont pass muster with me and I suspect Congress would have huge problems with that.” The editorial states that Walsh’s goal is to provide at least level funding for Section 8 subsidies.

While this is an important victory, it is only a partial one. While Section 8 vouchers are successful, they do not reach all the people who need help. While 2,899 Syracuse families have Section 8 vouchers, there are 3,543 families on the waiting list for the program.


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