Why I’m Going To The Showdown On Wall St.–Maria Johnson

Are you unemployed? Are you behind on your mortgage, in danger of foreclosure? Are your schools facing teacher layoffs? Are your city’s streets, water, sewer and transportation falling apart–with no chance of finding the money for repairs?

Are you mad that all of this is happening while major banks are recording record profits and handing out huge bonuses to corporate executives? Does it infuriate you that all of this is happening a little over a year after the banks received billions of dollars in taxpayer bail outs?

That’s why SUN is joining up with over 10,000 other folks from communities and labor unions from across the region on April 29th, 2010 for a protest and Rally–The Showdown On Wall Street.

Listen to why Maria Johnson, a SUN member active with our Southside Coalition and a member of our Board of Directors explain why she is going to the Showdown:

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