Victory for SUN !


South Mini Mart, 2625 Midland Ave at the corner of W Ostrander Ave. You can’t miss this store, its painted BRIGHT yellow. SUN members have complained and complained about the drug dealing, gang members hanging out both inside and outside the store, the two dumpsters in the rear at times overflows with trash and they are supposed to be screened off so the neighbors don’t have to see it. South Mini was never granted permission to run their grocery business in the entire width and length of the building.

SUN latest campaign began from August 2014 thru December 2014, at our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. SUN members gathered and pressured people like: Capt. Tim Gay of the police drug unit, Councilor Helen Hudson, Ken Towsley, Director of Code Enforcement, Megan McLees-Craner of the City’s Law Department, Lt Richard Shoff who monitors the city’s Business License. The message was clear we want that store CLOSED.

Finally on Thursday, June 11th it was CLOSED because they never followed the city’s rules. They can call for a hearing and SUN can weigh in with written comments. Still outstanding Police Chief Frank Fowler has not decided what the outcome should be with the Nuisance Abatement hearing of March 10 where the City has made 6 drug arrests in the last 24 months on the property. At the hearing SUN called for the maximum penalty, closure of the store for 12 months.

Galaxy Market, former S&R Market, corner of South Ave and Tallman Streets.

SUN office was receiving complaints about loitering both in and outside this store. One complaint was passed onto the Police Department’s Drug Unit (Special Investigations Division/SID) in April. This is the store where you can buy crack. We do pass on this information but we do not pass on the name of person that contacts the SUN office.

On Friday, June 12th we heard from our Deputy Chief that the police arrested a man who was charged for a shooting that happened the night before and arrested 8 others for a total of 22 charges took place on June 2, 2015. Seized 65 bags of cocaine, 32 grams of week, 130 packets of heroin and $1,572 in cash.

Some stores like this need to be shut down and unless we turn in complaints and continue to hold meetings to pressure City Hall, they will bring down our neighborhoods.

What YOU can do for SUN?

* Support SUN with your membership dues of $25/year or $35 for two years * Get friends and relatives to JOIN SUN.

** Be part of SUN’s leadership team: We need YOU to help run (Co-Chair) our monthly meetings, take notes ( Secretary) and help run the SUN Board by being a Board Representative.

Southside Coalition/Southwest Action Council meets the Second Thursday of the month, 7 pm at ______________ We are looking for a July meeting place since the Brady Faith Center is in use on 14th of July.
! ! !

Thank you for attending our meetings.
Syracuse United Neighbors (SUN) 1540 S Salina St, 13205 476-7475


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