259 W. Matson Street!


SUN held a meeting on July 1, 2015 on W. Matson Street regarding the vacant house at 259 W. Matson Street. Fourteen of the W. Matson Street neighbors attended the meeting. The guest speaker was Syracuse City Common Councilor Bob Dougherty. The neighbors were able to voice their issues and concerns about 259 W. Matson Ave. to Mr. Dougherty. Their concerns included children playing in and around the house, drug transactions and safety. And raccoons.

The neighbors are mad about this house. Neighbors will not let their children/grandchild ride bikes down at that end. Neighbors who rely on public transportation are afraid to walk on that side of the street especially at night because someone might jump out and attack them.

The question that was asked several times when is this house coming down. Mr. Dougherty did not have the answer. He did say that he would contact the city arborist to come out to figure out what needs to be done to the property. The neighbors were frustrated because they were told by Ken Towsley who is the Director of Code Enforcement that the house would be demolished the end of March 2014. The house is still standing and it seems like there is so much red tape revolving around whether or not this house has been seized by the city. The neighbors are upset because they feel that this house is never going to come down.

Both SUN and the W. Matson St/Midland Ave neighbors will continue to work until this house is finally a big empty lot.


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