Phone Numbers

Police & Public Safety

Emergencies 911

Police Non-emergency 442-5111

Drug Houses and Street Dealing 425-1034

Anonymous tips line 487-8477

Crime Reduction Team 442-5146
Late afternoon to early A.M. for complaints on noise, loitering, fights etc.

Southside Storefront  492-3080

Westside Storefront 474-7442

City and County Services

City Complaint Line 448-2489

Back Tax Information 448-8310

Code Violations/Inspections 448-8695

Dog Control 473-6608

Dept. of Public Works 448-2489
Trash pick up, snow plowing, street paving

Early Trash Set Out 448-8655

Junk Cars 448-8650

Parks and Recreation 473-4330

Property tax exemptions/assessments 448-8280

Recycling Hotline 453-2870

Vacant Houses Board Up 448-8661

Water–Billing/Meter 448-8238

Water–Emergency 473-2860

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