Sharp Applications 2016- Apply now !


The Sharp Program is intended for minor home repairs as well as minor code violations. If you have received SHARP funding in the past, you must waited two years from the completion of work before receiving SHARP funding again. The applicant is responsible for a $100.00 contribution which must be paid at the time of closing. If you think that you are eligible please contact either Rich or Gwen at 476-7475 to set up an appointment. We will send you out the list of items that you will need to bring to the SUN office or use the list below to gather all of your information so that we can fill out your application. YOU MUST HAVE ALL OF THE REQUIRED INFORMATION or we will not be able to submit your application.

Homeowner in the City of Syracuse
Property taxes and water bills are CURRENT or in a Tax and/or Water Trust
You are NOT a recipient of this program ( SHARP) in the last two years
Income Eligible must meet the GROSS Allowable Household Income
Photo ID-Driver’s License- Current Home Owners Insurance Policy (cover page)
2015 Tax Return (If Filed)
Proof of income for ALL members of your household who have an income.
Last 3 pay stubs-2016 Benefit letter from Social Security-SSI,
Unemployment-Work Comp-Child Support

Call either Rich or Gwen at the SUN office for an appointment. 476-7475

Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency- IMPORTANT PUBLIC HEARING !


Syracuse Inner Harbor Developer – COR Development SHOPS For A Better Deal With The County

Public Hearing: This Tuesday, December 1st at 9 am Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency (OCIDA) 333 W Washington St. at Franklin St

Come to the SUN office by 8:30 am and
we will go down together. Please RSVP the SUN office: 476-7475

COR Development has applied for a 15 years of tax exemptions from the County – OCIDA, they want to build a $324 MILLION development in the Inner Harbor for residential, retail, office
and hotel attraction. COR wants a sales tax exemption for 15 years — $12.9 million on construction materials and state mortgage recording tax valued at $2.9 million. On the City side, the standard Syracuse Industrial Development Agency (SIDA) TAX BREAK is generally 12 years. > Here is where COR wants a longer tax break.

COR wants to develop PRIZED CITY LAND, the Inner Harbor, get a TAX BREAK without the Mayor and Common Council approval. The Payments In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) would be split with the County and City getting their usual share. BUT the developer’s fee would go to OCIDA. In the past when SIDA, Syracuse Industrial Development Agency, received a developer’s fee it went to the Land Bank who used it for demolitions, to build public sidewalks and other city expenditures. Its unlikely that City would benefit from the fees paid for by COR if the agreement was with OCIDA. > That’s 1.25% of $324 MILLION or $4,050,000 !

The seven member OCIDA Board is picked (controlled) by the County Legislative Chairman Ryan McMahon. The seven members do not report to the County Legislature.

Now this makes the THIRD DEVELOPER who is running to OCIDA for a better deal instead of SIDA. > It threatens the financial health of our city.

AND COR has refused to sit down and negotiate a jobs hiring agreement consisting of construction workers and permanent jobs with the Urban Jobs Task Force which SUN is a member. > WE DEMAND JOBS FOR PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. COR estimates that they will create 1,000 jobs.

Call if you want a ride to the SUN office –so we can all leave Tuesday, 8:30 AM or drive down to the SUN office by 8:30 AM

Syracuse United Neighbors (SUN) 1540 S Salina St. 13205 476-7475

SUN”s Southside Coalition + Southwest Action Council !


Meeting Tonight ( November 10th) At Brady Faith Center 404 South Ave. Guest is Commissioner Paul Driscoll, Community Development. We want to speak to him about the recent Paving Project on S. Salina Street to Brighton Ave. We are concerned because there were no minority contractors paving in our neighborhood. SUN checked this out daily. Also some of the contractors were from out of town. What happened to hiring locally!

Public Services Commission Hearing Wednesday Nov. 18th, 7PM at Clary Middle School S.Salina just north of Seneca Turnpike.

South Mini Mart: Court Hearing adjourned to January 13th.